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I can’t say enough great things about Pulse. I started dealing with chronic pain about a year ago and the first 9 months I could hardly do anything. I’ve been coming to pulse for a couple of months now and can definitely tell a noticeable difference. My headaches are less frequent and less severe and my overall pain is less intense and more manageable which has given me some of my quality of life back. On top of the health benefits I have received, Roxanne and Stephanie are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and make every visit a joy come to. I am so grateful that I found Pulse and how this place has helped me start the journey to getting my life back on track.


I was involved in a car accident; my upper torso and ribs suffered significant bruising. The pain from the ribs was considerable and the ER told me it would be two to three months before the pain subsided. My primary care physician recommended Pulse Centers to me, and I am very glad he did. After the first two sessions the pain level was improving significantly. Within two weeks I was able to resume practically all my normal activities. There is no doubt the treatments at Pulse Centers accelerated my healing. The staff is professional and friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend Pulse Centers services to anyone who needs pain relief of any kind!


I've spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of remedies for my gout.  Some of them worked for a little while but then it always came back.  PEMF sessions at Pulse Centers is the only thing that has really taken away my gout pain and helped it stay away.


After my first session at Pulse, I knew I would benefit greatly! Pain from arthritis in my lower back kept me from standing up straight and I tried to avoid using the stairs. Not long after I started the PEMF treatments, my friends and family started to comment on how much my posture had improved. Running and playing with my grandchildren is a joy again and climbing stairs is no longer a problem.


For over twenty years, pain has been my constant companion. I suffered with fibromyalgia and a few issues with my neck and back. My doctor suggested that I try PEMF therapy and at this point I was willing to try almost anything. The first treatment I couldn’t see any changes, but I decided to try the therapy one more time. Much to my surprise after the second session I felt so much better! After more sessions, I even started wondering what I could try doing that I hadn’t been able to do. There were some things at home that I was putting off, and now some of those chores are completed. My therapy is still going on and I continue to feel better and better. My suggestion to you is to read up on PEMF therapy and give it a try.


Coming to Pulse Centers was the BEST decision ever! I actually have days with no pain and I’m sleeping well for the first time in two years!


This is our special friend Mrs. Carolyn.  She was referred to us by her primary care physician.  Carolyn took a nasty fall and suffered an injury none of us would want to deal with at any age, a fractured sacrum or tail bone.  There isn’t much that can be done for fractures in this area, usually time and pain medications are all that can be offered.  The first day we met Carolyn, she was in so much pain she could barely move, even with the assistance of her sweet husband and her walker.  Today she is moving around with ease, playing with her grandchildren again, and volunteering at her church.  We have been honored to help this wonderful lady get back to living her life!


Meet our friend Jacque.  This young lady was referred to us by her primary care physician for treatment of chronic upper and lower back pain.  She is incredibly active... going to aerobics classes three times a week, and between line dancing and couples dancing she’s on the dance floor seven times a week!  As fit and active as Jacque is, her back pain has been a constant nuisance and at times it’s kept her from enjoying her life to its fullest.  Since Jacque started her PEMF treatments at Pulse Centers, she has achieved a world of improvement.  She will be realistic and tell you that she’s not completely pain free, but her pain no longer interferes with her life the way it once did.  Jacque is an inspiration to us all and we’re so happy to have her as part of our Pulse Centers family!


As a massage therapist, proper body mechanics is a key component to the longevity of my career.  Recently, I began to have elbow pain known as "golfers elbow".  Since my Pulse sessions, I haven't experienced that pain again.  PEMF sessions helped me tremendously!

Kelly Paulson

My weekly treatment at Pulse Centers has been an integral part of a treatment regime I am utilizing for long time chronic lower back and hip pain. The process is convenient, easy, and pain-less, and the office staff has been great in working with me to get the best results for me.

Tom White

Relief at last!  For 25 years I have tried every treatment and medication available with little or no results for my shoulder pain.  Now I have such an improved quality of life.  I sleep so much better and I am able to do things I once dreaded because of my chronic pain.  And now, people comment on my smile all the time!


I am suffering from Idiopathic Neuropathy due to which I have very little sensation in my Legs and Feet. There is also tingling sensation in my feet and constant pain. Also I have Balance problem. This PEMF Therapy has definitely given me a lot of relief without pain killers or other medicines. My pain is much less and I am having some feeling coming back in my legs and feet. Also my balance is improving.

Col. Raja Chandra

In August 2016, I developed severe pain in my left hip, leg, and foot.  I went through a series of treatments recommended by my orthopedist including an epidural injection, physical therapy, and drug therapy.  Unfortunately, none of these resulted in significant or lasting relief from my pain.  My primary care physician recommended I try PEMF therapy and referred me to Pulse Centers.  I felt significant pain relief after my first 3 treatments.  Now I have very little pain and I don’t have to take prescription pain medication.  I would highly recommend PEMF to anyone who has not found relief of pain from other treatments, it definitely worked for me!


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