Frequently Asked Questions

FDA Approvals for PEMF
Although PEMF is not officially categorized as a medical device, it does hold several FDA approvals.  Our parent company is constantly expanding its research into the benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and the role it can play in addressing countless chronic and acute medical conditions.  Although PEMF is just now becoming part of mainstream conversation in the U.S., this technology has been a standard of care in Europe for decades and is recognized worldwide for its benefits.

Research on PEMF dates back to the early 1900s to the innovative genius of Nikola Tesla.  NASA has done extensive research on PEMF and uses it to reverse the bone loss and muscle break-down that happens when astronauts are in space.

To date, the following PEMF has FDA approval in the following areas:

1979:  FDA approved PEMF therapy for stimulating bone growth

  • This has applications for bone degenerating diseases like osteoporosis and to boost the healing of fractures.

1987:  FDA approved as an adjunct therapy for reducing post-operative edema and pain

  • Edema plagues millions of people in the U.S., and it is specifically an issue for people with diabetes.

2004:  PEMF used as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery.

  • Cervical fusion is a permanent change to the spinal anatomy. Often, patients still experience residual pain even after this surgical procedure.  PEMF is used to reduce this residual, chronic pain.

2008:  FDA approved PEMF for use with depression patients who have shown unresponsive to medication.

  • The applications of this are monumental! Depression and anxiety go hand in hand and are highly responsive to PEMF.

Continued research shows remarkable results with would healing and recovery, reduction of prostate inflammation, urinary incontinence, gout flares, chronic migraines, and the list goes on.

Does PEMF therapy hurt?
No, you will feel a gentle pulsing or tapping.  Many times our clients doze off during their sessions.
Is PEMF safe?
Absolutely!  This therapy charges your cells and allows them to function at their fullest capacity.  Experiments conducted at Old Dominion University and supported by the U.S.Air Force Office of Scientific Research observed the effects of ultra-powerful pulses on living tissue. As an emerging field of study, Bioelectrics, reveal “these powerful, ultrashort voltage pulses do something nothing else can—harmlessly slip past the cell’s exterior to shock the vital structures within.”


How can PEMF therapy help me?
Because every body process runs on cellular function, having cells that are working at full capacity has countless applications.  PEMF has proven very effective with the following common problems:

  • Helps with chronic (long term) muscle pain and acute pain from new injuries.
  • Promotes quicker recovery time after strenuous physical workouts.
  • Supports healthy bone structure and healing after breaks or fractures.
  • Helps alleviate joint aches and pains by supporting healthy cartilage function.
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic headaches and/or seasonal allergies.
What ages can benefit from PEMF?
People of all ages can benefit from PEMF therapy.  There are no age restrictions.

Will I have to undress?
No, all PEMF therapy can be done while you are fully clothed.
How long are the therapy sessions?
Generally, we recommend 1 hour sessions to receive the full benefit of the treatment.
How many sessions would I need?
This will be determined through your whole body assessment.  Different problems require different amounts of treatment.
Do I need a doctor referral to schedule an appointment?
No. While many of our patients come to us at the recommendation of their physician, a referral is not required.
What is PEMF Cellular Exercise?
Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise is a therapy in which electromagnetic fields reach deep inside your body to exercise your cells. It causes your cells to expand and contract, similarly to when you work out at the gym. Just like your muscles, your cells need to be strong.

Weak cells are characterized by low voltage. PEMF Cellular Exercise replenishes energy in low voltage cells. As your cells expand and contract, they are able to expel toxins and absorb nutrients. Your cells’ voltage increases, and they grow stronger. High voltage cells are able to grow, heal, and reproduce successfully. Strong cells will create more strong cells!

What are some benefits of PEMF Cellular Exercise?
PEMF Cellular Exercise has also been found to support the body’s own healing ability by replenishing the natural charge that exists in healthy cells. When your body is healthy you sleep better, experience more energy, and are less likely to experience pain and inflammation.


What is the history of PEMF Cellular Exercise?
The basic technology has existed in various forms for decades, starting with Nikola Tesla’s alternating current in the 1800’s. About seventy years ago, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, PhD proved that disease was preceded by a quantifiable imbalance in our electrical charge. Shortly after, PEMF Cellular Exercise began being used to aid in bone growth. It currently is used to support whole body wellness.


What is the Pulse XL Pro? (or NRG Pro)
The Pulse XL Pro (or NRG Pro) is the only Cellular Exercise system in the world to combine solid-state engineering, integrated electronics, and user-controlled adjustable pulse and magnetic field strength.
What is PulseFuel? (or Refuel)
PulseFuel (or Refuel) is a 100% carbon-bond liquid trace mineral supplement, an all-in-one multivitamin enhanced with humic and fulvic acids. Humic and fulvic acids assist in expelling toxins from your cells.